Becoming a Sister

Phases of Initial Formation

Postulancy – a period of one to two years of spiritual and human formation to deepen God’s call and to become acquainted with the SSM’s.
Novitiate – a period of at least two years in which to experience the following of Jesus , living according to the way of life of the SSM’s.
Temporary Profession – a period of four to six years to become integrated into the prayer and apostolic life as a vowed member of the congregation.
Perpetual Profession – when the time comes that the sister feels called to perpetual profession and the congregation responds affirmatively, the sister  begins a three month preparation period for profession in a life-long commitment as a Sister of the Sorrowful Mother.

This is the meaning of the call to the consecrated life: it is an initiative coming wholly from the Father (cf. Jn 15:16), who asks those whom he has chosen to respond with complete and exclusive devotion.The experience of this gracious love of God is so deep and so powerful that the person called senses the need to respond by unconditionally dedicating his or her life to God, consecrating to him all things present and future, and placing them in his hands. (VC 17)

The Church entrusts to communities of consecrated life the particular task of spreading the spirituality of communion, first of all in their internal life and then in the ecclesial community, and even beyond its boundaries, by opening or continuing a dialogue in charity, especially where today's world is torn apart by ethnic hatred or senseless violence. (VC 51)

In the image of Jesus, the beloved Son "whom the Father consecrated and sent into the world" (Jn 10:36), those whom God calls to follow him are also consecrated and sent into the world to imitate his example and to continue his mission. (72)