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God’s call may seem strange and a bit scary; it is normal to have questions and to feel hesitant. We are here to walk the journey with you as you try to discover what path God is calling you to follow.

Discovering your vocation begins with discernment in Pre-Postulancy and continues to Perpetual Profession as part of the process.

The Process begins with the following phase:
Pre-Postulancy Phase

What is this Phase? It is a period of discernment preceding entrance into the Postulancy. It enables the individual and the Congregation to get to know each other and to mutually discern her call and readiness to become a postulant.

What is Discernment? Discernment is a process of discovering God’s direction and guidance in the concrete reality of our ordinary daily lives. You begin discernment by informing yourself about each of the options you wish to consider. You then prayerfully ponder these options, weighing each in God.

Also during this time opportunities are provided for them to get to know the sisters, develop your prayer life, and become better acquainted with community life and ministries.


This period can be one or two years and the primary purpose is to assist the Postulant to listen more deeply to God’s call and to mature in developing a simple and joyful response of faith. During this time the postulant becomes more acquainted with our spiritual values and develops a sense of belonging within the community as she gets to know the charism.    


This period of two years is divided into the Canonical and Apostolic phase. The first year, (Canonical year) emphasizes the contemplative dimension and teaches the discipline of silence, personal prayer, reflection, solitude, and spiritual growth. The Apostolic year or second year, focuses on the integration of prayer and apostolic service through planned ministerial experience with Theological Reflection.

Temporary Profession

By professing of vows of poverty, consecrated celibacy, and obedience the sister enters a period of four to six years of vowed life wherein she deepens her capacity to integrate contemplation and action as a professed member of the congregation. During that period the sister would be engaged in ministry, study, and continued formation.

Perpetual Profession

Is the professing of the three vows for one’s lifetime. Throughout the sister’s entire life, she will continue her personal, spiritual, apostolic, and communal formation so as to continue maturing in Christ.