Following in the Footsteps of Mother Frances in Europe 2016


This International Meeting was a dream of all the young sisters and novices of our congregation and then organized by the General Council. This meeting completes the journey begun in the U.S. with the Sisters who were close to perpetual profession in 2015.

The goal of the two programs is the same - encourage the new members to have a more global view of our Congregation, the world and the Church. This is the reason why we are here; to experience our history together in order to deepen our charism, mission and to better know the life of Mother Frances Streitel, the foundress of our Congregation.

We will visit some important places related to our history and Mother Frances.  We will meet with our older sisters and will listen to their stories. We will ask God to help us make sense of our past and present and give us a direction for the future through reflection and prayer. 

Follow us on this page by viewing the pictures and reading the documents of the program; but, above all, join us with your prayers. 

Download this file (lettera alle form Gennaio 2016 ENG.pdf)0. Letter January 15, 2016[ ]74 kB
Download this file (1 letter March 22, 2016 ENG.pdf)1. Letter March 22, 2016[ ]70 kB
Download this file (2 Program ENG.pdf)2. Program[ ]35 kB
Download this file (3 Goals ENG.pdf)3. Goals[ ]36 kB
Download this file (-2016-ssm-giovani_ENG.pdf)5. Leaflet[ ]393 kB
Download this file (-2016-ssm-guida_ENG.pdf)6. Guide[ ]3005 kB