Centenary of death

Spiritual Preparation

September 15, 2010

Dear Sisters, 

We present to you a booklet of reflections on the 12 heroic virtues of Mother Frances as confirmed in the letter of conferral of the title of “Venerable.”   

When the International Commission for the Beatification of Mother Frances and the Centenary of the Death of Mother Frances (2011) was established, we were asked to develop a simple, unified Spiritual Preparation program for the Congregation.  We believe that the 12 heroic virtues of Mother Frances are a means for each of us individually and as a congregation to develop our own spiritual life using Mother Frances as a model; yet, also a means to make Mother Frances better known to others as we share our spiritual lives with them. 

Preparazione SpiritualeThe implementation of the Spiritual Preparation program has been developed by your provincial/regional commission so that it can better reflect the style and timing within your areas. We have tried to keep the reflections simple; yet, give you various resources to augment your reflection on the virtues themselves.  Let us join together as a congregation in prayer and renewal as we delve deeper into the virtues lived by Mother Frances and passed on to us, her community members. 


The International Commission 
Sr. Maria Stella Carta 
Sr. Catherine Marie Hanegan 
Sr. M. Klarita Holzheimer 
Sr. Sherri Marie Kuhn 
Sr. Therese Marie Mueller 
Sr. Margarita Schütz