Vocation Discernment

Pastorale“Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you." (Zec 8,23)

God alone knows the mystery of a religious vocation for it is the Holy Spirit who initiates the call and sustains it. Yet it is not only to God but to ourselves that we must look when we pray for or encourage new vocations. Each of us and all of us together bear a personal responsibility to God and to the Church to give faithful, joyful and creative witness in living the life we profess through our vows. (Journeying, General Principles #7)

All members of the Church respond to an invitation from God to carry out the mission of the Church (i.e. reveal Christ to the world). This invitation from God is called a vocation. Through marriage, the single life, priesthood or the life of a consecrated woman or man in the religious life, every baptized Christian makes a commitment to this mission. A woman who wishes to fulfill her commitment through religious life usually feels called to a particular congregation. If, through prayer and discernment, she is led to the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother, (SSM's) she is invited to make a journey of faith regarding religious life, the SSM charism and the mission and ministry of the congregation. Most importantly she is invited and guided in deepening her relationship with God and discovering the depth of her vocation. Her journey is never taken alone. There are Sisters in all areas of the congregation who journey along side of each woman through this period of discovery and discernment.

In the various parts of the congregation, sisters commit themselves to promote vocations to religious life through prayer, personal witness and appropriate programs to promote new vocations.